therapeutic bodywork
for life, energy and balance

welcome to ch’i bodywork

We’re dedicated to helping you incorporate life, energy and balance into your health and wellness plan. Our approach is distinctive, and you’ll feel the difference in a big way. When we say 60 or 90 minutes, we mean a full 60 or 90 minutes of hands-on time with your massage therapist. We also reserve a quarter hour between guests so you can relax, rewind and reflect on how great you feel following your treatment.

Here at ch’i, we won’t pressure you to purchase higher-end treatments. Our aromatherapy and mix of massage styles (light, medium and deep pressure) and modalities (Swedish, Sports, Lomi-Lomi, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, etc.) are all part of your treatment package.

And because we’re professionals, we believe in a “no tipping” policy. If you love our work we invite you to schedule a standing, regular appointment for yourself — and refer your friends and family. By the way: on your first visit, you are automatically enrolled in our loyalty program!

SCHEDULE NOW > A credit card will be required when we confirm your online appointment request. No exceptions. 24-hour notice of appointment cancellation required.


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$15 off 60 minutes session for new clients.


our services

Your health — your massage! Tell us what’s on your mind and going on with your body. We employ a mix of massage styles, pressures, techniques and tools to boost your body’s ability to heal itself. Specify the music you want to hear or bring your own to enjoy.

ch’i time

Enjoy a full 60 or 90 minutes of hands-on time featuring a customized mix of aromatherapy, stones, packs and techniques.
$90 / $120
couples $180 / $240

hot stones solo

Enjoy a full 90 minutes of hands-on time using heated stones to soothe trouble spots, open up energy channels and promote circulation.


Based on what you and your body tell us, we often utilize essential oil blends during your treatment. Each is a combination of pure, therapeutic-grade, single-note essential oils – no additives, impurities or fillers. Please review our extensive list of oils and their uses.

couples teaching

Learn from the best how to give your favorite person a little extra loving attention! You and your partner will take turns learning how to perform therapeutically accurate strokes on two sections of the body, each choosing his or her favorite among the hands, feet or scalp and shoulders. The 90-minute session is a combination of instruction and demonstration during which time you will also practice what you learn on each other. This treatment offers couples a wonderful way to relax, re-connect and learn a new way to spend quality time together.


Enjoy a full 60 or 90 minutes of hands-on time using various techniques employing light to medium pressure. This treatment is designed to relax muscle tension and relieve many common discomforts associated with the skeletal and circulatory changes brought on by hormone shifts during pregnancy.
$90 / $120


Enjoy 60 minutes of reflexology which can be used on the feet, hands or ears, allowing specific areas to correspond to certain parts of the body (internal glands and organs). Reflexology is based on the principle that pressure applied to certain areas sends signals to the corresponding location, gland or organ through the nervous system. Stimulating these areas can be used to reduce pain, ease addiction, relieve stress and improve nervous system communication and blood circulation.

teen ch’i

Teen massage is proven to help teenagers manage stress, reduce the impact of emotional/hormonal transitions, relieve muscle tension, heal from sports-related injuries and improve their sense of well-being, sleep and study patterns. Please call to discuss our treatments and schedule an appointment.

*Teen massage requires a parental release form and, depending upon age, a parent in attendance.

an award winning team in a beautiful environment

With more than 18 years of experience working in resorts, spas and wellness centers all over the country, Jennifer Robinson developed her own vision — a place where well-trained, gifted and professional therapists offer discerning clients highly customized health-focused treatments within a healing environment. ch’i bodywork is now a reality! Our team members share Jennifer’s vision and are among the most gifted and effective therapists in the Metro DC area.

ch’i is getting noticed in a big way!

A tranquil environment greets you at ch’i bodywork.

what to expect

like snowflakes – no two are identical

Just as no two people are alike, no two massages are the same at ch’i. You’ll experience total relaxation within a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. Soft lighting, nurturing music, trained and caring technicians — let your mind wander and your spirits soar!


If you're new to ch’i bodywork, tell us why you scheduled the appointment, especially if you have joint issues, injuries or medical conditions. We’re here to listen, so share your health history and concerns to allow us to provide you with the most helpful and healing session possible.

Once we've discussed your needs, the therapist will leave the room while you disrobe to your level of comfort.

At ch’i bodywork, we often use deep-pressure techniques. Our practice philosophy is that you should not be uncomfortably sore for days after we work on your body. If you have taken the “no pain – no gain” approach to deep-pressure work in the past, be sure to discuss this with your therapist before your treatment.


During your session, you will be draped at all times, exposing only the area being treated. A typical full-body session includes your back, arms, legs, feet, hands, head, neck, shoulders, glutes and — when requested — abdomen. You may request more or less time on specific areas. We use oils and lotions, including aromatherapy oil. Be sure to tell us if you have any preferences, sensitivities or allergies.

During the massage, please communicate your pressure comfort level to your therapist. What feels like medium pressure to one client may feel too light or too deep to another. If you want more or less pressure, let us know — the massage is all about you!

Once your treatment is completed, we'll leave you to reflect on the experience, move slowly and take in how wonderful and relaxed your body feels.


Please drink plenty of water and book your next session according to your practitioner’s recommendation.

corporate chair massage — it's good for business

Research shows that 50% of employees' lost workdays, and up to 90% of their primary care physician visits, are due to stress and stress-related health issues. It affects companies of every size. Mayo Clinic experts report that massage improves alertness and enhances immune systems; helps people with chronic health issues or pain, to feel better and be more productive. Stronger immune systems result in fewer sick days.

Ch’i bodywork's On-Site Corporate Chair Massage Program is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce tension and stress, and improve short- and long-term performance. The employees — and the company's bottom line — can benefit in one of three ways:

Plan Types

On Call – No Contract

As needed for employee appreciation days or particularly stressful situations, i.e., high-pressure deadline, special project reward or proposal season.

Quarterly Contract

Like any wellness plan, regular commitment produces positive results.

Monthly Contract

The monthly plan is best for medium to large companies, and for companies whose employees consistently perform under very stressful conditions.

Payment Options

Company Sponsored

The company pays 100% of the cost for one or more on-site therapists.

Shared Cost

The company and participating employee each pay a pre-negotiated portion of the cost.

Employee Sponsored

Company facilitates the date and space; participating employees pay the therapist.

ch’i-bodywork will design a plan that is right for your company. Costs are based on $85 per hour, per therapist, with each therapist performing three 15-minute sessions per hour. Two-hour minimum required. Rate reductions apply based on contract type and number of therapists required.

the good word


  435 Carlisle Drive, Suite 103, Herndon, VA 20170


To schedule an appointment, call: 703.589.0910 or email. We'll get back to you as soon as possible — usually within two hours.

From the Fairfax County Parkway (VA 286), exit onto Elden Street headed west toward Herndon. Turn left at the second stop light onto Carlisle Drive and continue straight on Carlisle into the SugarOak Office Retreat. Make your way around the drive to the last building on the right. We are in 435 on the first floor.

ch’i is getting noticed in a big way!

exceptional opportunity for extraordinary massage therapists

ch'i bodywork is growing! ch'i is a distinctive practice focused on the health benefits of including massage therapy as part of a holistic approach to wellness. We know that hiring great people and making sure they have an equally great environment in which to work, is key to taking good are of our clients. Therapists who appreciate a calm, clean and well-designed space in which to work, enough time between appointments to breathe (or have a snack) and who insist on being treated respectfully, do well at ch'i. We have two distinctly different career opportunities for dependable and professional therapists.

For the established therapist with five or more clients in search of a stable and profitable arrangement, ch'i offers you the opportunity to:

  • Earn a generous percentage of what the client pays
  • Have 15+ minutes between clients
  • Set your own schedule based on your and your clients' needs
  • Practice in an attractive, relaxing environment that is conveniently located with lots of free parking
  • Focus on building your regular (monthly, bi-monthly and weekly) clientele

For the talented, dedicated and dependable therapist who is just getting started, or who prefers a less structured and demanding schedule, we offer the opportunity to join our “bench” of on-call therapists. When we receive an online or phone call appointment request that exceeds current capacity, we send a text message to the bench! Within the 2 hour response window, whoever responds first is booked for the appointment. Our on-call therapists also:

  • Earn a generous percentage of what the client pays
  • Have 15+ minutes between clients
  • Practice in an attractive, relaxing environment that is conveniently located with lots of free parking
  • May choose to focus on building a regular (monthly, bi-monthly and weekly) clientele

If the ch'i approach appeals to you, send your resume to It is not mandatory, but we would appreciate a brief selfie-video telling us a little about yourself as well.